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Thumb original esg research insights report ibm data protection mar 2019 88024688usen
ESG recently conducted quantitative research on behalf of IBM, surveying well qualified IT leaders in North America and Western Europe to better understand data protection modernization trends and ...
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Thumb original the omnichannel maturity assessment
Supporting an omnichannel fulfilment program is table stakes in retail today. Organizations need to assess their omnichannel maturity to understand their current state and compare it with their des...
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Thumb original fulfillment heart of cx pov  110719 31022831usen
Why do we call fulfillment the heart of the customer experience? Because it gets to what really matters. More and more, fulfillment is what drives the loyalty that keeps people coming back to your ...
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Thumb original next generation order management innovate to sell more drive profitability 83018783usen
This Knowledge Brief illustrates the business benefits of next-generation order management, and highlights the building blocks companies must establish to achieve desired results.
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When shopping today, increasingly digitally savvy, time-crunched consumers expect to be able to choose the fulfilment option that best fits their lifestyle. To keep up with rising expectations, ret...
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Thumb original gcf operator membership whitepaper final
It is vital for network operators to have the guarantee that all mobile and IoT devices will work well in their networks, but it’s almost impossible to test all new devices for compliance and inter...
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Thumb infographic hotel giant gets hr makeover
What if your company ran on 10 outdated HR systems loaded with time-consuming manual tasks and fragmented processes?
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In this webinar, you'll learn more about:<ul><li>The benefits of automated PC lifecycle management</li><li>Dell's end-to-end lifecycle management Strategy</li><li>PC as a service</li><li>The 4 phas...
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Thumb original hima white paper hart solution pu00012982
The digitization of field devices offers plant operators a huge potential to reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. With over 40 million field devices installed, the HART communicati...
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Thumb original idr infographic automation is essential for cyber resilience final july 2019  1
Digital transformation makes today’s businesses more productive and more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Security professionals know that breaches are inevitable. To be successful, companies must estab...
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