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Thumb original ai done right ibm ai data train inference whitepaper 74027174usen
What if you discovered that a data science background isn’t necessary to understand, interpret and act on the most complicated aspects of enterprise AI? How would that knowledge impact the business...
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Thumb original why your ai infrastructure needs both training and inference platforms 10 17 19 94028894usen
AI is changing on-prem and cloud data centers requirements. This paper focuses on the difference between training and inference and why a data center requires dedicated resources for both forms of ...
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Thumb original 2888 ibm power hybrid multi cloud ebook ibm fnl hi res
Can enterprise businesses simplify hybrid multi-cloud complexity? Yes — with the right architecture, projects can span private and public clouds as you seamlessly move workloads back and forth ...
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Thumb original 4592 covid pdf update 91027691usen
A multicloud strategy can unlock tremendous organizational value because it combines the best of both private cloud and public cloud. It allows organizations to run mission-critical applications an...
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Thumb original 50835 35023035usen
If you’re searching for the right data-storage method for your company, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of hybrid flash and all-flash storage options out there. So how can you figure out ...
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IBM FlashSystem 5010 and 5030 offer the performance, functionality and cost-efficiency demanded by entry enterprise workloads.
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Thumb original dell workplace productivity en
Empowering everyone with the most advanced, productive, and liberating technologies. When it comes to longevity, nobody can hold a candle to Dell. Not only do our machines have the capability, m...
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Thumb original why engineering teams love slack
Back in 2009, we were a small team of software engineers, building a massive multiplayer game called Glitch. We started using Internet Relay Chat (remember IRC?) to keep everyone on the same pag...
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Thumb original how slack s own developers use slack
You may have heard Slack’s origin story: It began life as an internal tool that helped a games development company collaborate better. Fast forward to today, and Slack is used by teams all over ...
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Thumb original get the most out of your existing tech stack   integrate your tools  with slack
If you’re an IT leader, you’ve probably spent some uncomfortable hours wondering if the tools you’ve invested in are the right ones for your teams. It’s a stressful situation to find yourself in, b...
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