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Organizations today agree that artificial intelligence (AI) is the fast track to innovation and productivity. Most organizations are already on their way to testing, adopting, implementing, and rea...
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As information technology (IT) organizations undergo digital transformation (DX), maintaining high levels of data availability is becoming more important. DX is the profound transformation of busin...
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The worldwide enterprise data storage market is substantial, with the equipment segment alone generating around USD40 billion annually in sales revenue. A market that size naturally generates inten...
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Digital transformation (DX) enables enterprises to seamlessly blend digital and physical business and customer experiences while improving operational efficiencies and organizational performance. ...
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IBM launched its existing Spectrum Virtualize software product to meet the needs of private cloud environments and support the cloud service provider market. Now in “Act 2” with a new version of th...
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Enterprises are singularly focused on a digital transformation journey — one that requires a gradual but consistent transformation in all aspects of how a firm operates. Maintaining a competitive e...
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Read this Infographic to learn how SDS can help your business.
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In this Technical Insight, we look at IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, one of the latest solutions for protecting, retaining and reusing data in virtualized environments. It is the latest member of the I...
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Data protection modernization is among the top five most critical IT priorities for 73% of organizations. The primary objective of traditional data protection solutions has been data backup and rec...
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The world of data protection is ever-changing. ESG recently completed research that identified and quantified several fundamental trends occurring in the market today, with cloud adoption and data ...
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