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Thumb original tech target benefits of on prem c
As cloud computing becomes central to the IT service-delivery model, organizations are becoming more adept in understanding their cloud needs and how to get the most out of their investments. In ad...
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Thumb original gen emea aws digital learning ebook oct 2020 oct 2020  002  1
Whether you’re new to AWS Cloud services, seeking to update your cloud skills, or exploring a cloud-first strategy for your organization—it’s time to make a plan. Download the free eBook and lea...
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Thumb original idc aw infobrief usingthecloudtoaddressthedigitalskillsgap
Key takeaways Digitalization strategies in the public sector have taken a new direction during the pandemic. A lack of digital and technology skills is slowing down digital transformation (DX)....
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Thumb original rc import 1595346307894 ebook cost compliance and  the keys to control ent rc  2
Even healthy budgets need someone to watch over them. In fact, that’s the only way to keep them healthy. And when cash flow is slow or otherwise uncertain, spend control is more critical than ever....
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Thumb original sega001 socaas article d4
In recent years, cyberattacks and cybercrime have become the most serious threats that organizations face. Industries ranging from banking to healthcare, and organizations of all sizes from schools...
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Thumb original sega004 businesscontinuity publitek white paper content no remote office lan
One of the challenges of developing a comprehensive business continuity strategy is the need to plan for what you can’t imagine. A year ago, not many people would have felt the need to plan for a v...
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Thumb original plume smart home guide 1 smart home strategy  2
Smart homes are no longer a technology of the future. They’re here today, enabled by a wide variety of 
devices and services that consumers are embracing 
in growing numbers. And that’s bringing...
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Thumb original building a successful smart home strategy   dec2020 update sp la
Los hogares inteligentes han dejado de ser una tecnología del futuro para convertirse en una realidad, gracias a 
la creciente cantidad y amplia variedad de dispositivos 
y servicios que adoptan lo...
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Thumb original building a successful smart home strategy   dec2020 update pt br
As casas inteligentes não são mais uma tecnologia do futuro. Elas já estão disponíveis hoje, possibilitadas por uma grande variedade de dispositivos e serviços cada vez mais adotados pelos consumid...
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Thumb original tco infographic
We looked at the total cost of ownership for Plume’s Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform to help Communications Service Providers understand the benefit of transforming from legacy soluti...
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