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Thumb original whitepaper get started with industrial remote access double pager
Find out all you need to know about remote access In the industrial sector, after-sales engineers and technicians must regularly travel to factories to service machines and various pieces of equ...
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Thumb original tcm0602a referencedesign isolated bidirectional dc dc power supply
Solving environmental and energy problems is an important global issue. While the demand for electric power continues to escalate, the call for energy conservation and the need for highly efficient...
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Thumb original sds whitepaper trace de en
Tax Reporting Insights on TRACE as SDS Whitepaper: SDS in conversation with European tax experts from Deloitte, BNP, BNY Mellon.
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Thumb original 7d intelligent document processing ebook en
Escape from manual document processing and find freedom in a machine learning solution. Work more efficiently with intelligent document processing. Read the eBook Set Your Document Data Free to...
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Thumb original 7c contact center ebook
It’s time to leave behind the challenges of legacy contact centers—long wait times, misdirected calls, and resolution delays. Instead, deploy the power of machine learning and give customers the so...
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Thumb original 7b personalization ebook en
Personalizing content for a customer online is key to breaking through the noise. Yet brands face challenges that prevent them from providing these seamless, relevant experiences. The result is fra...
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Thumb original aws intelligent search kendra ebook  1
Organizations are hungry to use data to grow and improve performance, but enterprises are struggling with search today. Knowledge is key to business insights, and there are hard costs and risks ass...
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Thumb original tosca iot whitepaper v3
Supply chains have always been, and will always be, extremely complex. No matter how much a company does to simplify, reduce, cut waste, and streamline, complexity will play a role. Even the journe...
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Thumb original uk nnn ebook  5 ways to build sustainability into your travel program
Travel sustainability is nothing new. Travel managers, business travellers, and forward-focused people all across your organisation have been talking about it for years. But now that employees and ...
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Thumb original intelligent audit sample infographic
Backed by our global team of auditors and intelligent technology, your business can drive compliance, identify potential fraud, and minimise workloads for your team. Concur Expense is configure...
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