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Thumb original flash powered   dell emc data domain systems
Is Your Data Protection Solution Ready for Tomorrow? 82% Believe their current system will not support future challenges! 24% Believe their current system will compete with the speed of Flash ...
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Thumb original protect your data at every point possible with the  1 in data protection
Protecting data is a challenge for most organizations today—but it’s not insurmountable. An independent analysis of global organizations and their data protection readiness reveals that a vast majo...
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Thumb original eaton service whitepaper
The old adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may be feasible in some circumstances, but applying it to the maintenance of a UPS can have devastating consequences. All manufacturers’ UPSs are ...
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Thumb original eaton whitepaper infrastucture with intelligence season inta4 ups v4
In today’s 24/7, ‘Always On’ business environment, reliability and resilience are always the top priorities for mission-critical facilities. However, these objectives can be threatened by practical...
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Thumb original 2017 datacentre strategy and evolution 1.1
Putting the power management discussion into a business context “Our datacentres are no longer just places that house IT, they are strategic assets that help the business differentiate.” With...
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Thumb original eaton whitepaper power supply reliability inta4 webready
This white paper discusses how to solve these issues. It looks at ways to design a UPS and power distribution system sufficiently reliable and resilient to support a mission critical data center lo...
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Thumb original veritas backup exec report final v4   290716 2
There have never been more choices of where IT professionals can store and protect data. Today almost all organizations rely on a patchwork of technology infrastructures. These range from sophistic...
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Thumb original v0106 ga ent ds 8 tips to stay ahead top 2016 data protection trends en
This paper summarizes the trends that have made modernizing backup and recovery an urgent priority, the key requirements for solution offerings, and the unique capabilities of Veritas NetBackup™ Ap...
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Thumb original h13077 wp isilon backup using commvault bestpractices
This white paper outlines best practices for deploying EMC Isilon scale-out storage with CommVault Simpana. EMC Isilon seamlessly integrates with Simpana to provide a flexible and scalable backup s...
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