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Thumb original extended enterprise final
Within the global business landscape, no company operates as an island. Organizations today are made up of a complex network of partner relationships–customers, vendors, suppliers, and distributors...
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Organisations invest millions annually in managing learning and systems that support regulatory compliance. But, compliance learning is the minimum to do business. How do you use learning to furthe...
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Thumb original brightspace whitepaper attracting new membership
A changing workforce means a changing mandate for associations New types of workers, new demands for knowledge The business world is undergoing dramatic change, and it is impacting the way a...
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Thumb original brightspace ebook the changing landscape of learning and development
The biggest problem facing the workforce is not a lack of people — it is a shortage of skills. According to recent statistics, US spending on corporate training grew 15% between 2013 and 2014, d...
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Thumb original 2016 6 aragon research globe for corporate learning 2016
Business Leaders want better onboarding and better training for their employees; they’re actively seeking better and faster ways to help their workers learn, but they often don’t want to – or don’t...
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Thumb original hr solution
Learn more about improving your HR processes in this Whitepaper from Nintex UK Ltd.
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Thumb original bersin report 2015 ru
Поток новых технологий, электронной почты и многочисленных встреч может сокрушить даже самых стойких сотрудников. Таким образом, по мнению Джоша Берсин, упрощение рабочей среды должно стать главным...
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Thumb original oxford economics workforce2020 2015 engl
Několik generací, různá očekávání a názory v rámci jedné firmy – v roce 2020 bude trh práce výrazně jiný než dnes. Jaké příležitosti zaměstnavatelům a zaměstnancům budoucnost přinese? Oxford Econom...
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Sap cover
Mehrere Generationen in einem Unternehmen, unterschiedliche Erwartungen und Einstellungen – 2020 wird die Arbeitswelt anders aussehen als heute. Welche Chancen bieten sich dadurch für Arbeitgeber u...
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Thumb original whitepaper work life balance de
- So gewährleisten Sie die Work-Life-Balance in Ihrem Unternehmen - Die zunehmende Anzahl geschäftlicher E-Mails führt zu einer steigenden Belastung der Arbeitnehmer. Hinzu kommt: Neue Technol...
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